Emergency Covid-19 Winter Appeal


Emergency Covid-19 Winter Appeal


These are challenging times for everyone at the moment as the coronavirus pandemic unfolds. Many people in the UK are struggling to make ends meet and cannot afford the essentials in life. We are currently in a nationwide lockdown and the number of Covid-19 infections are rising rapidly. Covid-19 deaths could be twice as high over the winter as they were in the first wave.


The death rate of British BAME was more than twice that of the white population. The death rate among British black Africans and British Pakistanis from coronavirus in English hospitals was more than 2.5 times that of the white population. Deaths of people from a black Caribbean background were 1.7 times higher than for white Britons.


(Institute of Fiscal Studies – Friday 1st May 2020)  


Muslim Burials

We anticipate the number of Covid-19 related deaths increase in the Muslim community. In the first wave of the pandemic we had a tenfold increase in people requiring help with Muslim Burials. 


Telephone Advice and Befriending 

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic many people have already self-isolated. Older people and those with health conditions are particularly vulnerable. We have repurposed our team to offer telephone advice and befriending. We expect the demand for this service to increase as a result of Covid-19. We have a team of volunteers who are readily available to offer this service.


Winter Food Programme

13 Rivers Trust have teamed up with local partners to support vulnerable people and their families through the delivery of hot meals on a weekly basis during the winter period. We will target people living in Tower Hamlets, Newham and Redbridge.


What We Plan to Offer


  • Muslim Burial Planning for people who have lost their loved ones due to Covid-19
  • Muslim Burial Support for those in need
  • Protective equipment for those dealing with Covid-19 burials
  • Telephone helpline for advice and signposting for those impacted by Covid-19
  • Telephone befriending support to those who are experiencing isolation
  • Weekly hot food delivery for people and family in need



Help us provide essential services to people in need this Winter.


  • £10 can provide personal protective equipment to deal with Muslim Burials.
  • £20 will provide telephone befriending support for one person who is socially isolated.
  • £50 could provide hot meals for 10 people in need.
  • £100 will contribute towards the burial share of one Muslim Burial.
  • £150 could provide End of Life support or the creation of an Islamic Will.
  • £4000 covers all costs including Ghusl, shrouding, funeral services and final burial.

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