Befriending and Advocacy

Our Befriending and Advocacy Service engage terminally ill people and those reaching End of Life and enhance their quality of life. We provide a 1:1 person centred approach. We ask service users, referral agencies and family members to list 3 - 5 things they would like to achieve in the next 6 to 12 months. We explore how we can achieve this step by step. Who can help? How they can help?

People referred to our project are paired with a Befriender to support them with their personal, social and spiritual needs. Befrienders offer friendship and advocacy support to help the service user overcome issues and difficulties. Our relationship with terminally ill people and those reaching End of Life are based on trust and support.

All our Befrienders are given specialist training so that they can provide a quality service. Befrienders undergo a vetting process so that we at Eden Care can provide the service users the best possible health outcome.

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