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Eden Care UK is BAME led service by people who have lost loved ones through terminal illness. We are a friendly intervention setup to provide support and empower the terminally ill and those reaching End of Life. Eden Care UK also work together with community partners to deliver social and recreational activities for older people and address social isolation.

What We Do

  • we help

    We befriend

    We befriend people who are terminally ill and those reaching End of Life.

  • we help

    We provide

    We provide dignity, care and sense of self-worth through friendship.

  • we help

    We advocate

    We advocate for quality of care and enhanced life choices.

  • we help

    We support

    We tackle social isolation for older people through befriending and social activities.

Our Vision

We want to improve the quality care for people who are terminally ill and reaching End of Life. We want the elderly in our community to be better valued and are treated with greater dignity, care and respect.

Our Mission

To offer friendship, care and sense of belonging to members of our community who are terminally ill and reaching End of Life and to tackle social isolation for older people.

13 Rivers Trust

13 Rivers Trust focuses its work around needy individuals, young people and communities left behind by mainstream society. 13 Rivers Trust celebrate the contribution made by our elders and emulate their good practice of helping others and create new opportunities through which hope will be given. 13 Rivers Trust is a registered charity (1161219) and company (9300481).

The provisions of the organisation are delivered by local people who have grown up within the communities 13 Rivers Trust operates in. The organisation is responsive to the needs of these communities and is at the same time shaped by them.

Eden Care is a programme of 13 Rivers Trust.

13 Rivers Trust

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